Motux aims to provide its customers, complete support at all stages
of creation and production of a new product. It’s our intention to propose
us as a partner, sharing our expertise and our many years of experience.

Hardware design

Systemic analysis of the product Digital systems for the treatment of audio, video and data signals Microcontroller systems for data acquisition and processing of signals from sensors Microcontroller system and/or generic microprocessor PCB design and process engineering including EMC analysis Test and inspection system design (Labview) Revense engineering from gerber sources  

Product develop

Product engineering and full design of mold Design with Solid Works, Autocad, Corel e Creo 2.0  

Software develop

Development of software : management, biomechanical assessment, supervision, supervision of hardware modules and final product testing Utilizzo di protocollli di comunicazione tramite porta seriale, usb, bluetooth, Wi-Fi e Zigbee Managing video capture systems, image processing and scanner Creation of custom control to display data and communication libraries Programming languages : C/C++  –  Visual basic  – […]

Firmware develop

Control firmware for microcontroller and microprocessor Ad hoc and nonstandard device drivers Drivers for BUS communication standard and not Linux Device Drivers Development Programming languages : C, Assembler Family of microcontrollers/microprocessors : Freescale 8/16bit, Kinetis, ColdFire, ST ARM Cortex, Texas 430 series  

Project management

Systems engineering analysis and drafting technical specifications for a product Analysis of new products and subsequent feasibility study (development time and costs) Drawing Up GANTT CHART