Who we are

Motux srl was established in 2014 with the aim of realizing a portfolio of innovative products for biomechanics, with a focus on gait analysis and the study of human motion. Target sectors of application are biomedical, orthopedics and sport medicine.

Motux competences and know-how encompass: hardware design, firmware and software development, product engineering, inertial sensors and control algorithms.

The firm currently develops and commercializes multi-sensor systems with medical grade quality and performance. Our mission is to provide new solutions, new information, new perspectives and new meanings to the functional and physiological evaluation of human motion.

We study, engineer and develop technologically advanced products that represent the state of the art in the field of biomechanical sensing; providing software solutions that are intuitive, easy to interpret and scientifically accurate. In a constant strive for quality and innovation, we collaborate with academic, clinical and technical partners for activities of R&D and the evolution of our products.

The first commercially available product is a multi-sensor, wireless, miniaturized system for wearable applications in the field of movement study. Its small dimensions make the system minimally invasive for the user; wireless connectivity simplifies data acquisition, indoor and outdoor; and the accuracy of its sensors and algorithms provides high-quality data. The system is completed by a dedicated and scalable software environment that allows data acquisition from multiple nodes in real time, and integrates libraries developed for medical studies.