Software develop

Development of software : management, biomechanical assessment, supervision,

supervision of hardware modules and final product testing

Utilizzo di protocollli di comunicazione tramite porta seriale, usb, bluetooth, Wi-Fi e Zigbee

Managing video capture systems, image processing and scanner

Creation of custom control to display data and communication libraries

Programming languages : C/C++  –  Visual basic  –  .Net (C#/VB)  –  WPF  –  Asp.Net

Database : MS SQL ce  –  MySQL  –  SqLite  –  Access

Design and develop of Linux embedded system

Setting up development environment for cross compiling the Kernel, libraries

and embedded applications (Busybox, web servers, databases, etc)

Configuration of Linux Kernel and Root File System

GNU/Linux embedded programming and customized Linux application development

(client-server, multi-thread, web interface, TCP/IP)